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Viaduct Moxie

By Lisa Austin & Adam Trott

In a year or two, once funding and planning is in place, the City plans to follow the recommendation of the LR Kimball (LRK) team and demolish the McBride Viaduct. However, there is still a glimmer of hope if a legal entity is formed to repurpose the bridge. Built in 1937 to get cars, trucks, and people over the railroad tracks, the Viaduct connects East Avenue from East 12th Street to East 19th Street. Neglected for decades (current water drainage is in disrepair), the hulking structure was closed to vehicles in 2010. Though the Viaduct is no longer capable of supporting cars and trucks, it remains a vital artery, and if we are good stewards this year, the gift from our Depression-era forebears may be enjoyed by our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

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