Austin’s Grassroots Survey shows Primary Contest for Mayor Largely Undecided


(Erie, Pa) May 5, 2017 - - Mayoral candidates Merski and Breneman have released poll and survey results that show favorable conclusions to the Democratic Primary race for Mayor. However, numbers are inconsistent between each. For example: Breneman’s survey reported 64% of the voters were undecided, whereas Merski’s poll reported 9% of voters were undecided.

The purpose of Lisa Austin’s campaign data collection was to examine the question: What are the attitudes of likely Democratic voters in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania towards mayoral candidate Lisa Austin to consider voting for her on May 16?


In a non-scientific survey using non-probability sampling of likely Democratic registered voters put together by Survey Director Jordan Lander, volunteers from Austin’s grassroots campaign canvassed voters using their lists of registered, likely Democratic voters. Beginning February 14, 2017 through Sunday, April 30, 2017, campaign volunteers knocked on doors and/or called 1,058 likely Democratic voters.

Volunteers outlined Lisa Austin’s strengths as a candidate and her decade-long work as a private citizen to address issues of job creation, education, planning, zoning, safety, transit and community engagement. Volunteers then asked the question: Would you consider voting for Lisa Austin for Mayor on May 16? --->Read More

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