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The Made in Erie Marketplace

Lisa Austin, Stephen Sonnenberg & Laurel Swartz

Civitas rented the Masonic Temple’s Camelot Room, hired a designer to create a logo, printed cards, located vendors, booked a chef, signed musicians, found a security guard, and alerted the media. The first Made in Erie Marketplace succeeded in putting locally-made products into the hands of Erie shoppers, transferring over $4,000 into the pockets of entrepreneurs, and successfully establishing itself as a replicable event.

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Overlooking the East Side

By Josh Morgan, Lisa Austin & Adam Trott

Mayor Joseph Sinnott, who deserves applause for getting Erie’s budget under control, seems to believe that the McBride Viaduct is just a liability haunting the city. Some in the administration suppose that the Viaduct could become a financial debacle, undoing the Mayor’s hard work. The firm of L.R. Kimball (LRK), contracted to determine the most prudent course of action for the Viaduct, nurtured such concerns.

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